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Perfect for People Who are Trying to Quit Smoking

V2 Cigs - The THICKEST VAPOR in the business! Smoke Free, Odor Free, & Tar Free!The free shipping offer is perfect for people who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes.  According to a recent issue of Nicotine & Tobacco magazine, electronic cigarettes have the power to revolutionize the smoking cessation market.

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Instead of trying to get nicotine from an uncomfortable arm patch or a tasteless piece of gum, smokers can now get their nicotine from a product that actually simulates the experience of smoking.

Because the experience of smoking an electronic cigarette and a conventional cigarette are so similar, people who are trying to quit smoking can actually do so successfully when using V2 Cigs.

Research quoted in Nicotine & Tobacco magazine claimed that smokers using electronic cigarettes are four to five times more likely to quit smoking than smokers using other types of cessation products. Thanks to the free shipping offer, this feat has now become even easier and more affordable to accomplish.

Great Savings for Social Smokers

The V2 Cigs free shipping offer isn’t just for people who are trying to quit smoking. It is also for perfect for casual or social smokers. Thanks to the fresh flavor cartridge in each V2 Cig, social smokers can now enjoy the pleasure and the taste of a cigarette without inhaling any harmful smoke. Each vaporized puff offers the relaxation and enjoyment of a regular cigarette without the health risks, and best of all, consumers can easily control the strength and flavor of each puff.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - The THICKEST VAPOR! - Smoke FREE. Odor FREE. Guilt FREE.

While lifelong smokers may want a cartridge with 1.8% nicotine, social smokers may want to try a cartridge that only contains .6% nicotine or something in between. Regardless of the strength or flavor they decide to try, casual smokers will love how easy it is to enjoy their vaporized nicotine regardless of where they are. In many cases, people are allowed to use their V2 Cigs wherever they are regardless of indoor smoking bans. Before getting started, however, social smokers should check with the rules in that establishment as well as any local laws that may affect their ability to vaporize publicly.

Quit Smoking Faster

The V2 Cigs free shipping offer only applies to flat rate packages. If a shopper wants to receive their shipment sooner, they can opt for expedited shipping. Unfortunately, they may have to pay a small sum for this service, but they will have their tasty vaporizers in their hands even sooner. Depending on how quickly a shopper wants their V2 Cigs, they can choose between priority, three day, or overnight shipping.

Committed to Innovation and Quality

V2 Cigs are made by VMR, an American based company. Committed to great designs and high quality customer service, VMR is proud to offer electronic cigarettes to shoppers from around the world.

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