ClariSonic Review

ClariSonic Removes Almost All Signs of Aging

To evaluate ClariSonic’s effects on mature skin, the company gathered 55 women to participate in the anti-aging study. These women were asked to add Clarisonic to their regular anti-aging skincare regime and assess the results.

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Instead of cleaning their faces as they normally would, the study’s subjects used Clarisonic to clean their faces each day. After cleaning their faces thoroughly with the gentle but quickly moving brushes, the subjects applied their regular anti-aging moisturizers and skin creams. Pictures were taken of their skin before they started the process as well as four weeks, eight weeks, and twelve weeks into the process. After twelve weeks, 88 percent of the women had visibly fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

The researchers broke these results down even further, and the results were all positive. Nearly 100 percent of the subjects (98 percent) had improved texture, 90 percent had more radiant skin, 88 percent had improved skin tone, and 86 percent had more elasticity.

Radiant Beauty for All Skin

After proving how effective the anti-aging properties of ClariSonic were, the researchers decided that they needed to look further into how well this product works for consumers of other ages.

The researchers performed studies to see how well the product removed makeup, how gentle it was, how much healthier it made skin look, and how well it improved skin texture. The product performed fantastically in all of those categories, and almost all of the respondents in each category gave ClariSonic top results.

Beautifully Smooth Skin for Men and Women

The scientists discovered that the product was so effective that men were actually stealing from their partners and using it in their own skincare regimes. After learning about this phenomena, the researchers decided to test the product’s effects on male skin, and they created a study that measured how close of a shave these users could get after using ClariSonic. After just four weeks, the subjects reported that their skin was more elastic and smoother, and over 80 percent of those studied said they could get a closer shave with fewer bumps.

ClariSonic Works with the Skin’s Natural Elasticity

Through the day, oil, perspiration, debris, and environmental pollutants combine and form a sticky layer of filthy film on the skin. This film blocks pores creating skin that looks unhealthy, feels rough, and is easily irritated. The only way to get past these annoyances is by finding a skin cleansing system that truly has the power to remove this film.

While many skin cleansing devices use coarse materials or ineffective spinning technology, ClariSonic uses patented sonic technology that really works. Its sonic technology has 300 movements per second, and those movements have been perfectly designed to work with the skin’s natural elasticity.

Not only does this technology remove oils and dirt, it also primes the skin and enables it to absorb skin care products better. That means that it gives an extra bit of power to whatever skin care cream you already use.

Clinical proof shows that this product works six times better than cleaning with your hands alone, and it increases the amount of vitamins that your body can absorb by 61 percent, meaning that subjects don’t just look better–they are actually healthier thanks to ClariSonic.

Complete Confidence and a Money Back Return

Clarisonic knows that its products outperform other skincare products in the industry, and the company’s clients know this as well. In fact, most clients become lifelong customers of the company. Clarisonic is so assured of their product’s efficacy that they offer a see and feel guarantee.

If the consumer’s skin does not look and feel different after using ClariSonic, it can be returned for a full refund. This hassle-free process is available for three months from the date of purchase.

American Made

ClariSonic was founded over a decade ago by a group of scientists and skin care advocates in Seattle, WA. After filing over 40 different patents and working diligently on the product’s successful recipe, the company released the product to the world, and consumers have been enjoying fabulously healthy and young-looking skin ever since. The company’s headquarters are in Seattle, and the product is manufactured there as well.

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